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September 2018

Lincoln Link

Back To School Night

The 2018-19 school year is nearly upon us! We know it will be great! Families can plan to visit the classroom, meet the teacher, and bring supplies on the evening of Thursday, August 30. at the open house style event from 5:00-6:30 pm.

Parents and students will engage in Personalized Learning (PL) components already this first evening. Classroom redesign with alternative seating and designated zones for specific learning styles will be clearly visible in our classrooms. Visitors this evening will feel comfortable as they participate in a common PL “Must Do / May Do” activity to meet the objectives of the event.

First Day of School

The first day of school is Tuesday, September 4*. Students should arrive no earlier than 8:05 am and will wait outside at specific doors all around the perimeter of the school with their classmates, entering at the 8:15 bell. Our kindergarten parents are invited to a special welcome the first morning. All other parents (and kindergarten parents after the first day) will be expected to say their good-byes outside the door each day. School dismisses at 3:08 pm.

On this first day, students interact with the Personalized Learning feature, developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for specific areas in the classroom and places frequented throughout the school. They will begin to feel empowered by the “voice and choice” provided them, as students in the Personalized Learning structure at Lincoln.

Staggered Start

There is a staggered start for our students in kindergarten and those with Intellectual Disabilities (I.D.) program. Half the students are assigned to attend Tuesday 9/4 and the other half Wednesday 9/5. These students come for a full day on their assigned day. If you are unsure of the assigned staggered start day of your kindergarten student or your student with ID, please contact the office at or 608-743-6700.

10 Things You Need To Know

Need more information? It’s probably on our website in Lincoln’s 10 Things You Need to Know. Also, feel even more engaged in your child’s school by checking out our district wide Elementary Parent Handbook.

Lincoln Clothing Closet

We would like to invite you to the Lincoln Closet! The Closet is a resource for Lincoln families to add to a child’s wardrobe free of charge. Clothing and shoes are new or gently used, and come in a variety of children’s sizes.

 If you are interested in visiting the Lincoln Closet, complete the Visit Request Form. If you prefer to print a paper version, use the Paper Version Visit Request Form. You many also use these request forms to schedule a visit later in the year, or contact the office or Elyse Dean or at (608) 743-6761. Visits are held as private, one family events.

School Hours

Adult supervision is provided on school grounds from 8:05 a.m. until the first bell rings at 8:15 a.m. Students should not be arriving at school earlier than 8:05 a.m. unless they are participating in a special activity (i.e. Safety Patrol, Choir, Student Council, etc.) Also, please note, students will not be allowed in the building during inclement weather until 8:05 a.m.

For the purpose of safety, we are emphasizing the expectation this year that parents say goodbye to their children outside at the car or outside the exterior door. By doing this, you are helping to develop your child's independence as a learner. Of course if you have any specific school business, after you drop your child at the outside door, you can use Door 2 to check in at the office.

Students should leave school and playground when dismissed at 3:08 p.m. or go immediately to after school activities.

8:05 AM Student Drop Off
8:15 AM Students Enter
8:20 AM School Day Begins
10:00 AM Recess for Grades K-3
1:30 PM Recess for Grades 4-5
3:08 PM Students Dismissed

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

You can access much information on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, such as your child’s attendance and grades. You can keep your contact information current, update your emergency contacts, and pay fees. Here’s instructions to a few specific tasks. Click links at right

Managing Family Member Information

Managing Preferences  

Managing Payment Information

Making an Online Payment

Stay Connected

There are several ways for you to stay connected with Lincoln events.

1. Visit the Lincoln website for current events, staff contact info, calendar, newsletter and much information. Our page is part of the School District of Janesville website which all even more valuable information.

2. View the Lincoln calendar on the website. Events are added as soon as we schedule them, so you can plan ahead. You can even add this Google calendar to your own set of calendars and set reminders for yourself.

3. Share your email address and phone number(s) with us and set your preferences through Infinite Campus to receive general notifications via email and phone. Lincoln staff as well as district level staff send periodic messages regarding featured events and opportunities.

4. Like us on Facebook. We often send out reminders of events and share photos and highlights of activities at school.

Lunch Schedule

This year we gave priority to our scheduling needs during the instructional day and got a little creative with our lunch schedules. Thus, lunch times are scheduled by individual classroom, not necessarily by the whole grade level. Students will have a 15-minute lunch immediately followed by a 15-minute recess.

11:45 am Eckels (3rd) Arnold (5th)    
12:00 pm Radtke (3rd) Bynum (4th) Palumbo (5th)  
12:15 pm Hendrickson (2nd) Slowiak (2nd) Hoag (4th) Healey (4th)
12:30 pm Graves (Kdg) Johnson (1st) Jewell (1st)  
12:45 pm Dean (1st) Trace (1st) Nass (Kdg)  

Riding Bicycles

Riding bikes is a fun way to get to school and get exercise at the same time. Please send a lock with your child to secure the bicycle to the racks provided. Students must walk bikes on school grounds to keep everyone safe.

Box Tops For Education

You can clip Box Tops for Education from various household and food products then submit them to Lincoln. We receive ten cents for every label we send in. This will raise a lot of money for our students, so please join in this valuable fundraiser and tell your family and friends!

PBIS Kickoff

 Lincoln students will participate in our annual Kickoff for Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) in early September. Students will discuss and explicitly learn appropriate behaviors for each key location around the school. Our youngest learners will travel to each of these specific locations as they participate in this event.

Telephone Messages

Thank you, parents, for the wonderful job you do in communicating with your child regarding after school plans. We realize that emergencies, or simple change of plans happen. If you need to call the office to leave a message for your child, please call the office prior to 2:30 p.m. After that time, it becomes increasingly difficult to locate the class to give messages.

Lincoln Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

You can get actively involved in your child’s school by becoming a member of the PTA. You are not obligated to volunteer, although there are plenty of opportunities to help out if you’d like. You will never be called to volunteer unless you sign up to help. Lincoln Parent Teacher Association sponsors many school events: *Fall Carnival *Holiday Fair *Ice Cream Social *Book Fairs *Fifth Grade Party *Family Fun Nights. We also provide funding to create opportunities for all Lincoln students. We assist with Teacher Appreciation week, Yearbooks, School pictures, Spirit wear, and field trip money to EVERY student! Please help us make this a great year for our children! We invite you to make a wonderful difference in our school. Join PTA! Regular PTA meetings are generally the 3rd Monday of the month unless it conflicts with an event. They are held at 4:30 p.m. in the Lincoln LMC. Everyone is encouraged to attend whether they are members of the PTA or not. The first meeting is September 17.

President Jessica Hable  (608) 314-5583
1st Vice President Vacant  
2nd Vice President Vacant  
Secretary Terra Helmer (608) 359-6406
Treasurer: Amanda Bailey (608) 931-5424


October 2018

Lincoln Link October 2018

From the Principal

Welcome back to another school year. While school has officially started, we know learning was happening all summer long. Learning isn’t isolated to the days and hours students are at school and we want to make sure we provide our students with the tools to make the most of every opportunity. Here at Lincoln Elementary we are focused on our students establishing the skills to make sense of the information they come across on a daily basis, be able to work with others, to be able to learn, unlearn, and relearn as they face an ever changing world of technology. We are also committed to help each learner gain the skills to be a productive and contributing members in society as they move on from the K-12 school setting. I know it is hard to think about our 5 year old new kindergarteners graduating from high school but it seems to happen in the blink of an eye. We know that we must start from day 1 to provide the best opportunities for our learners to be able to lay the strong foundation of the skills it takes to be lifelong learners. That is why I am looking forward to this new and exciting school year at  Lincoln Elementary School... Where Greatness Begins!


Students enjoy time in the “STEM” lab where they explore Science, Technology , Engineering , Mathematics. All grades visit the STEM Lab regularly.

School Hours

Adult supervision is provided on school grounds from 8:05 a.m. until the first bell rings at 8:15 a.m. Students should not be arriving at school earlier than 8:05 a.m. unless they are participating in a special activity (i.e. Safety Patrol, Choir, Student Council, etc.) Also, please note, students will not be allowed inside during inclement weather until 8:05 a.m. For the purpose of safety, we are emphasizing the expectation this year that parents say goodbye to their children outside at the car or outside the exterior door. By doing this, you are helping to develop your child's independence as a learner. Of course if you have any specific school business, after you drop your child at the outside door, you can use Door 2 to check in at the office. Students should leave school and playground when dismissed at 3:08 p.m. or go immediately to after school activities.

8:05 Student drop-off

8:15 Students enter (upon bell)

8:20 School day begins & Breakfast in Classroom

10:00 Recess for Grades K-3

1:30 Recess for Grades 4-5

3:08 Students dismissed

3:15 Supervision ends

Parking Lot

The parking lot is not intended for student drop-off. Please only use the parking lot if you have business inside the school during the day with the office or with a specific staff member. It is not to be used for dropping off or picking up your students. We are working with the Janesville Police Department regarding our parking issues, and they will issue citations to those using our parking lot incorrectly. Thanks for helping us keep all students safe! For student pickup and drop-off use the “Stop, Drop, And Go” designated areas.

Lunch Hour
11:45 Eckels (3rd) Arnold (5th) Palumbo (5th)
12:00 Radtke (3rd) Mau (3rd) Carlson (4th)
12:15 Hendrickson (2nd) Slowiak (2nd) Hoag (4th) Healey (4th)
12:30 Graves (Kdg) Johnson (1st) Jewell (1st)
12:45 Dean (1st) Trace (Kdg) Nass (Kdg)

You are welcome to join a student for lunch any day. All parents and guests are expected to sign in at the office.


School attendance is important. The State of Wisconsin allows parents to excuse their student from school up to ten days. If your student has missed school because of a medical, dental, therapy, or counseling appointment of any type, please bring documentation from the appointment as these appointments do not count against student attendance.

Tyson Product Codes

The Tyston A+ program is a simple way to support our school. Just clip and collect Tyson Project A+ labels from Tyson packages. For every label you submit, Tyson will give our school 24¢ —and our school can use the money for whatever it needs. Click the link!

Parent Teacher Conferences

We encourage every family to attend Parent Teacher conferences October 24-25 to meet with your child’s teacher and discuss the progress your child is making in the classroom. October 24 during the day staff will have Professional Development. Then conferences are W e d n e s d a y evening and all day Thursday. The Lincoln PTA hosts a Scholastic Book Fair during conferences to provide us with hundreds of children’s books to sell at school. Students and parents are invited to visit the book fair during conferences to browse and make book purchases. Take advantage of this opportunity to help your children choose good books while helping our PTA. Profits from the book fair help our PTA support our students and classrooms

Parent Teacher Conference Schedule
Wednesday, Oct 24th No School For Students
7:45 am—4:00 pm Teacher Development
4:00 pm—8:00 pm Conferences
Thursday, Oct 25th No School for students
8:00 am—7:00 pm Conferences
Friday, Oct 26th No School for Students & Staff

Dash and Dot Robots

“Meet Dash and Dot, fun, easy-touse, interactive robots that teach kids about programming with hands-on play.“ Learn more from this introductory video. about how our students learn coding.

Lego Robotics Team

Teachers at Lincoln nominated specific students to be a part of our Lincoln Robotics Team. This team requires interest in Lego and coding, the ability to work with a team, and the commitment to after school practices. This year, the Lego challenge theme is “Into Orbit.” More information can be found at Click “Challenge” at the top of the page. Watch for great updates from this year’s Lincoln Robotics team: Miles, Landon, Adria, Jamie, and Jaxyn.

Lincoln Apparel Online Store

You can find our mountain logo at our Lincoln Spirit wear Online Store. The online store has many items so check it out at the link below. All sales, shipping, and questions should be addressed straight to Queensboro. Start saving at our Online Store now as they offer frequent discounted deals. Click the link to our Lincoln Online Apparel Store to shop. Also, the Lincoln PTA will be offering a spirit wear offer later this fall through Soccer Direct.

Student Access to Technology

Check out these resources! All staff and students grades K-12 have access to several online tools to assist with student learning and data collection. Snap and Read will read text to students, ( in over 90 different languages) plus provide older students with note taking tools and citation tools. Quizbot is a teacher tool that uses Google Forms to create, send, and grade quizzes. Quizbot takes any website, or Google Doc and auto creates a quiz. CoWriter assist students who have difficulties with spelling, plus it assists students learning what vocabulary should go with a topic. Word Bank auto creates a word bank from any article of website assisting students with understanding new vocabulary, and pointing out key vocabulary. UPAR, assists teachers by providing data about a student’s ability to read text independently and or do they comprehend text better if it is read to them by a human or computer. If you have any questions, please contact your building Assistive Technology representative.

PTA’s Fall Bash

Mark your calendars now for a fun evening for the whole family. The Lincoln PTA hosts Fall Bash on November 1st from 5:00-7:00 pm. Music, Dance Party, Costume Contest, Photo Booth, Raffle Baskets, Concession Stand, Kona Ice and more! Check out the flyer, mark your calendar, and plan now to attend November 1st!

Like Us On Facebook

Like our Facebook page to be reminded of special activities and opportunities to be involved at Lincoln. Throughout the year we will be posting specific ways we intentionally choose to empower students.

Scoopie Nights

Mark your calendar now for the four times this year Lincoln PTA hosts a Scoopie Night at Court Street Culvers. We receive 10%of all sales between 4-8pm the first Scoopie nights and a grand 20% of all sales on the final May night.

Tuesday, 10/9

Tuesday, 12/11

Tuesday, 2/12

Tuesday, 5/14

Kwik Trip Card Sales—For Bags of Hope

The School District of Janesville provides between 350-500 families and seniors with food supplies this winter. To get this done we need to raise about $40,000. Our first fundraiser of the year is an easy one. Kwik Trip pays! But they only pay if we buy gift cards. Kwik Trip will donate 10% of all gift cards purchased back to the District for the Bags of Hope fundraiser. Any amount that you purchase you get back so you will not be losing any money.

You can buy cards in increments of $10, 20, 25, 50 and 100. Cards can be used at the pump or in the stores. At Lincoln, we would love to invite parents and others in our Lincoln community to participate. Please print and submit the Kwik Trip Order Form with correct payment (cash or check) to the Lincoln office by the due date of the sales in the next months. The deadlines for the ordering and payment of the Kwik Trip card sales will be Thursday, October 11 and Thursday, November 15. Thanks to those purchasing over $1100 in cards during Sept. Like us on Facebook

November 2018

Lincoln Elementary School, Janesville, WI
November 2018

School District of Janesville  Promises

In 2017, the School District adopted the "Janesville Promises" to address key elements impacting student and school success. These Promises utilize 5 components with indicators that move the entire district forward. Our ultimate Promise is that every student will graduate ready for college, career and life.

Focusing on engagement and empowerment is a way we keep the SDJ PROMISE of Student and School Success: Teachers will increase/focus instruction from direct to engaged and empowered instructional opportunities

Engaged and Empowered Learners
By Shawn Galvin, Principal

At Lincoln Elementary we have been working hard to transform the school experience towards one of engaging and empowering learners. For us, engagement is about learners wanting to be here, learning in ways that are meaningful to them, and learning in ways that are unique to them. Empowerment is about the student being the “agent” (or “person with an active role” in learning) rather than the teacher. When a teacher lectures and students take notes or when a teacher assigns worksheets and students complete them, the teacher is the active agent... the one in the driver’s seat  or the one doing the heavy lifting (to use two common metaphors). But when the students are empowered, the student is making, creating, doing, sharing, collaborating, and publishing in ways that are meaningful to them, using real-world tools. This edition of our newsletter highlights a few of the practices that allow students to be engaged and empowered in their learning.

Early Childhood Breakfast Buddies

by Angela Bouffiou, E.C. Teacher

Early Childhood is ecstatic to have third grade breakfast and recess buddies from Mrs. Eckels’ class. Each morning, two awesome buddies join us for breakfast. They are wonderful role models by reminding the young students to remain in their seats while eating, and help clean up any messes. They support the students making requests with their PODD (communication book). At recess, two buddies join us either in the gym or in the house area in the classroom. This is a wonderful time for the students to interact, play, and work on social skills. This is not only a huge benefit for the Early Childhood students and teachers, but it also provides opportunities for the third grade students to interact with students that have a variety of needs.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online is an award-winning children’s literacy website.  It streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations. Storyline Online receives over 100 million views annually from children all over the world. Reading aloud to children has been shown to improve reading, writing and communication skills, logical thinking and concentration, and general academic aptitude, as well as inspire a lifelong love of reading.  Storyline Online is available 24 hours a day for children, parents, caregivers and educators worldwide.  Visit


This is one way we’re keeping the School District of Janesville’s PROMISE of Student and School Success: 90% of 3rd graders will read at or above grade level.

School Hours
8:05 Students Arrive
8:15 Bell to Enter Building
8:20 School Begins
2:30  Final call for calls/messages to be relayed to students
3:08 School Dismissal
3:15 Supervision Ends

Talented Artistic Behaviors Lab

By Todd Miller, Art Teacher

Learners at Lincoln are empowered and engaged as they create personalized artwork this year in our new T.A.B. Lab, which stands for Teaching Artistic Behavior. Through the use of stations students learn to be more independent and involved artists because they can pick the media/material (such as clay) to express their creative goal.

Photo Caption: Watch the video of personalization of art projects in the TAB Lab among Ms. Carlson’s  4th grade class.

Photo Caption: Fifth grade students from Ms. Palumbo's class are empowered and engaged while exploring clay in the TAB Lab.

No School

Teachers have a work day Wednesday 11/21 then all have a break for Thanksgiving 11/22 and 11/23

Wednesday, November 21
Thursday, November 22
Friday, November 23

4th to JSOL

Fourth grade learners visit Janesville Schools’ Outdoor Laboratory at the Arboretum on Friday, November 2. Wear tennis shoes or good walking shoes and pack a sack lunch

Milk Caps Fundraiser

Donate Prairie Farms milk caps to Lincoln. For every cap code entered, Prairie Farms will donate 5 cents to our school.

Classroom Transformation

Learners in Miss Arnold’s 5th grade class survived a day at Monster’s University!  They applied what the class had been learning about theme and story structure as they analyzed the story, I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll. The 5th graders used deductive reasoning skills to feed monsters hiding in the lockers. In writing, they are working on persuading an audience to purchase a monster. Finally, when they broke out of our Breakout Edu kits they applied science lab skills to create some Monster Oobleck. Watch video to see more of this transformation.

Birthday Lunch

Families and special guests of students with November birthdays can join the student for a celebration during regular lunch periods on Friday, November 30.

Lunch Schedule

  • 11:45-12:15 3-Eckels, 5-Arnold, 5-Palumbo
  • 12:00-12:30 3-Radtke, 3-Mau, 4-Carlson
  • 12:15-12:45 2-Hendrickson, 2-Slowiak, 4-Hoag, 4-Healey
  • 12:30-1:00 K-Graves, 1-Johnson, 1-Jewell
  • 12:45-1:15  K-Nass, K-Trace, 1-Dean


By Mari Ruosch, Innovation Specialist

It has been a fun and exciting beginning of the year in our STEM lab. Students in kindergarten have gotten to design a sturdy gate for five little pumpkins.  First through fifth graders have been able to work on their team building skills during a flinker experiment. This was where students worked together to try to get a packing peanut to not sink or float but "flink" in the middle of the water. Third through fifth graders were also able to work on their computational thinking skills using the Lego WeDo kits. They had a blast being able to build a robot and then coding it to do different tasks. We look forward to doing more hands-on collaborative projects with 3D printing and stop-motion animation.

Kinder & 1st Grade to “Dragons Love Tacos

Kindergarten and first grade students will travel to UW-Whitewater Young Auditorium on November 2 to see “Dragons Love Tacos” based on a book by Adam Rubin.


If you will be moving from your current home address please contact the Lincoln school office at 608-743-6700 as soon as possible to determine what paperwork you will need to fill out for your child to continue attending his/her current school.

Portrait Retakes

Picture Retake Day is scheduled for the morning of Thursday, November 1. If your child missed getting a photo taken, or you aren’t satisfied with the original photo and want a second try, simply send back the package with your child on November 1 to indicate you wish a retake with Lifetouch Photography. Order forms are available in the office for new families.

Peer Collaboration

Sarah Graves, Kindergarten Teacher

Learners in Ms. Graves' kindergarten class have been working to practice collaborative skills such as turn taking, negotiation, giving compliments and understanding others feelings. They are focused on working together to create one project every morning. Here is a sneak peak of how cooperative and happy they are to spend time working with friends while practicing collaborative skills.

Holiday Concert

Mark your calendar now for holiday concerts for all grades in our vocal music program. Concert day is Tuesday, December 18. More details including specific times will be coming. Stay tuned how you can be involved.

Parent Engagement Survey

The School District of Janesville is on a continuous journey to make our schools the best places for students to learn, staff to work, and parents to send their children for a good education. In this effort, we appreciate your support. It is important to gather feedback from you to celebrate successes and identify areas for growth. Please take a few minutes and complete this Parent Satisfaction Survey to help provide this feedback.

Website Translations

Our website offers a translation feature. Simply by clicking the globe icon on the top right of any page, the user can select one of dozens of alternative languages. Instantly, the entire site is converted to that language. Click the globe again and select English to change it back to English if you prefer. 

Volunteer Application Online

The Volunteer application is now online. Search in FOR PARENTS and also find the application on the “District News” slider on the bottom of the Lincoln page. The online form will expedite the process. Paper forms are still accepted and able to be given out, but the online form is more detailed and ensures all the needed information to make turnaround times much quicker.

December 2018

Lincoln Link

Lincoln Elementary School ~ December 2018
Winter Concerts

Lincoln Learners at each grade level have been preparing a winter vocal concert for parents and special guests on Tuesday, December 18. Please plan to attend the 30 minute concert in the gym, followed by a 30-minute activity in the homeroom classroom.


8:30 - 9:00am concert 

9:00-9:30 classroom activity


1st Grade

9:30 - 10:00am concert 

10:00-10:30 classroom activity


2nd Grade

10:30 - 11:00am concert

11:00-11:30 classroom activity


3rd Grade

11:30 - 12:00pm concert

12:00-12:30 classroom activity


4th Grade

1:00 - 1:30pm concert

1:30-2:00 classroom activity


5th Grade

2:00 - 2:30pm concert

2:30-3:00 classroom activity


December Events


STORIES WITH SANTA:  Tuesday, 12/4

K-KIDS MEETING: Thursay, 12/6


GRADE 2/3 to UW-W: Wednesday, 12/12



HOLIDAY CONCERTS: Tuesday, 12/18

WINTER BREAK: Mon 12/24—Tuesday 1/2


 ENGAGED LEARNERS:  Developing Engaged and Empowered Learners

Exploring Science: Creating a Tornado

Learners in Ms. Eckels’ 3rd grade class researched science phenomena and patterns, then rose to the challenge to create their own tornado.


Janesville Schools’ Outdoor Lab

Our 4th grade learners explore the outdoors at the Janesville Arboretum in Janesville Schools’ Outdoor Lab.

EMPOWERED LEARNERS:  Developing Engaged and Empowered Learners


Book Publishers

Mrs. Radtke's 3rd grade class has created their very own class book. The learners brainstormed ideas, created rough drafts, edited final drafts, and drew illustrations. In early November, they sent the final draft of their book to be published, and now copies of the beautiful published books have arrived! These young learners are officially published authors! 



Learners in 4th and 5th grade concluded their bowling unit in PE by visiting EL Ra Bowl for a real-world bowling experience.


LINCOLN LEARNERS: Developing Engaged and Empowered Learners


 Breakout EDU Kits

Learners solved the puzzle on BreakoutEDU kits using the "power of yet" in these 3rd and 5th grade classes. BreakoutEDU uses problem solving and team building to solve clues to unlock the box.


Personalized Learning (PL) Goal Setting

One feature of a Personalized Learning classroom is that the students are involved with setting goals for their own learning. These kindergarten friends are so proud of themselves for passing their reading goals! Way to go! Your hard work is paying off!  Learn more about Personalized Learning here.




SDJ Staff of the Year

Congratulations to Dana Brown for being recognized as the School District of Janesville’s Staff of the Year.  She will be honored in a ceremony December 6.

Dana Brown is a Speech and Language Pathologist in the School District of Janesville. She received her Masters Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. She has worked with students at the elementary school level for 5 years, and she is a member of the Assistive Technology Team. Dana has provided trainings throughout the School District of Janesville regarding technology and AAC, and she is published in Closing the Gap for her work with supporting students with Complex Communication Needs. 

“I want my students to know what autonomous communication looks and feels like and know that what they have to say is important. I do what I do to educate anyone who will listen about supporting our students with Complex Communication Needs and those needing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) supports. We know more now about supporting student needs than ever, and it is my passion to help support the needs of those that may think differently than you or I. My team works to 'hunt greatness' together.”

Dana Brown is a Speech and Language Pathologist in the School District of Janesville. She received her Masters Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. She has worked with students at the elementary school level for 5 years, and she is a member of the Assistive Technology Team. Dana has provided trainings throughout the School District of Janesville regarding technology and AAC, and she is published in Closing the Gap for her work with supporting students with Complex Communication Needs.

Why I do what I do/My why: I want my students to know what autonomous communication looks and feels like and know that what they have to say is important. I do what I do to educate anyone who will listen about supporting our students with Complex Communication Needs and those needing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) supports. We know more now about supporting student needs than ever, and it is my passion to help support the needs of those that may think differently than you or I. My team works to 'hunt greatness' together 


Act of Kindness

Lincoln head custodian, was recognized local news. He had noticed a student walking across the school grounds with socks on their hands to keep warm. Without hesitation, Melvin took off his own gloves, gave them to the student, and said that he did not need them back.

A Lincoln parent saw this take place and then let school leaders know about his act of kindness!  Melvin consistently puts students first, keeping the district's promise of knowing every student by name, by strength, by need. 


PE Breaks a Record

In Physical Education, Lincoln participated in helping set a new Guinness Book World record by having speed stackers in the most locations in one day!  Here is  Video 1, Video 2, Video 3.




Two ways to order!  Here is a link for the paper PTA Spirit Wear Order Sheet for this years spirit wear if you prefer to order by cash or check (payable to Lincoln PTA).  Paper orders are due Monday, December 3rd and are predicted to be in the week before Winter break. Please be sure to indicate the Size, Color and Quantity you would like. If you would like to continue ordering after 12/3 or if you prefer paying by debit/credit  you may order online at Soccer Direct all year long at this address:  You can see a colored Spirit Wear Photo Sheet at this link or by visiting the  Lincoln Elementary PTA Facebook page.  If you have any questions please direct them to the PTA.  We can be reached by email at or by phone 608-931-5424.



Kindergarten Enrollment: 2019-2020 School Year

School District Residents

If you have a child turning 5 (five) years old prior to September 1, 2019 and they are not currently enrolled in a School District of Janesville Pre-school for Janesville (P4J) or Early Childhood (EC) program it is time to enroll in the Janesville Public School District.  Enrollment will take place at the Educational Services Center located at 527 S. Franklin St. (administration building) in the New Student Enrollment office.  You may enroll anytime during the two week period.  See the chart below for specific hours.

If you cannot attend the enrollment period please come in as soon as possible to enroll after December 14, 2018.  Enrollment in the district is required for participation in orientation.  When you enroll, you will need your child’s birth certificate for proof of age, proof of residency (top portion of a utility bill, or current lease) to determine school assignment, immunization records and photo identification.  If you have questions on general enrollment, please contact the New Student Enrollment office at 743-5072 or 743-5153 during regular office hours, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 

Requests for School Transfer/Placement within the School District (yellow forms) for incoming kindergarten students should be submitted through the enrollment process.  Forms are available at all schools, as well as at the Educational Services Center.  If you have questions regarding this process contact Deen Hartley at 743-5152.  The status of requests will be determined by January 15, 2019 if they are turned in by December 14th.  If you have a student currently attending a school under a School Transfer/Placement within the School District, it does not automatically qualify your kindergarten student for attendance at the same school; however, siblings are generally assigned to the same school.  In order for your kindergarten student to attend the same school as a sibling, you must submit a request during the Kindergarten Enrollment time frame. 

If you know of a child in your neighborhood or from community activities that would be entering kindergarten for the 2019-2020 school year, please pass on this enrollment information. 

Non-District Residents

If you are a non-resident of the School District of Janesville and have a child turning 5 (five) years old prior to September 1, 2019 and would like your child to attend the School District of Janesville you must also apply for OPEN ENROLLMENT.  The timeline for Open Enrollment is February 4 to April 30, 2019.  Currently open enrolled non-residents in a P4J or EC program do not need to re-apply. If you have questions regarding the Open Enrollment process, please contact Deen Hartley at 743-5152.


Enrollment Office Hours

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January 2019



“All learners get what they need, when they need it, and how they need it, without barriers.”  ~G&D Associates, Consultants

Building Our Community

~By Ms. Carrie Mergen

At Lincoln Elementary, we strongly believe in building a community of learners where all students and staff feel safe, comfortable, and cared for within these walls. This means that essential skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity, self-motivation, and critical thinking have to be intentionally taught. We are working hard to ensure our environment, both physical and social, embrace these attributes. Take a peek at some of our efforts! 

Community Lunch

~By Ms. Heidi Schroeder

 At Lincoln, we want to establish an inclusive community that extends across all grade levels. One way we are intentionally building these relationships during lunchtime and recess is that we provide an opportunity for students to interact with students from other grade levels.

Pictured at left, we regularly give the opportunity for each child in 5th and 3rd grade to draw numbers to sit with students at random. This gives learners who might not normally sit together a chance to interact and get to know each other. Staff help guide the discussions at each table by giving sentence starters such as, "Over winter break, I am going to..."

One goal is to create opportunities for everyone to know each other and be comfortable sitting and talking to anyone who might be at their table.

 Kindness Blankets

~by Ms. Lisa Jones

Kiwanis K-Kids is an extra-curricular opportunity for our learners. The program’s focus is Young Leaders Helping Others with specific goals to develop caring leaders, empower a child to care, empower a child to persevere, open a world of possibilities, and empower a child to serve.  Lincoln K-Kids made tie blankets as a community service project to show the residents of Agrace Hospice Care that they are thinking about them this holiday season.

Building a Sense of Community

~By Mr. Shawn Galvin

As we close out a calendar year and begin a new one, January is a time for new beginnings and renewed focus on past practices.  Here at Lincoln the adults and children alike, find ourselves learning in many great ways. One key component to a great learning environment is the sense of community.  We have made and continue to make intentional efforts to build a school community that allows for all learners to thrive. Some of the indicators that tell us our efforts are working are the existence of the following:  (See list at left.)

  • Indicators of an Environment Focused on Building Community
  • Flexible seating options
  • Variety of learning zones
  • Safe flow of movement
  • Free of clutter
  • Purposeful Student Work Displayed
  • Learners can access materials
  • Happy learners
  • Engaged learners
  • Respect aligned to learner-created Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Inclusive language that shows sensitivity, respect and open mindedness to all individuals
  • Curiosity language   (i.e. “I wonder if..?” “What if…?”)
  • Risk taking language (i.e. “Let’s find out!” “Let’s try this!)
  • Feedback given and acted on

These efforts will continue our focus on giving learners the knowledge and skills to be successful.  We are excited to be leaders in this work and providing the opportunities to prepare our learners for the future.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

~By Ms. Aileen Hoag

In order to build community in our classroom, in the beginning of the year we determine the classroom belongs to all of us; it is our classroom. We brainstorm as a group of leaners the things we believe we need to make learning the best it can be for us.  This learner-created list becomes our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Each learner has the opportunity to sign this class agreement, promising to do these things to the best of our ability.

If a new student joins our class during the year, other students take turns showing and explaining how things work in our room and where items can be found.  The students decide the information they feel is the most helpful for the new student. 

Peer Feedback ~

By Ms. Amy Eckels

We have utilized peer feedback in our classroom as a way for learners to deepen their learning in a number of ways.  The learners express their learning (whether it be a math goal or a word sort) through a medium of their choice and then upload it to Seesaw. When it’s their turn, they get up in front of the group, share their work, and ask for 3 things their peers “like,” “wish,” and “wonder” about their work. Before they finish they tell the class how they will improve their work next time. The learners really look forward to showcasing their work as well as giving support to their peers everyday.

Morning Meeting

~By Ms. Lizzy Radtke

We sit in a circle every morning after breakfast for our morning meeting consisting of a greeting, sharing time, and either an activity or a whole class discussion. The purpose of our morning meeting is to build a respectful community in which each learner feels welcome and heard, making everyone feel like they belong. Each person has the opportunity to share either their answer to a question about him/her or about something happening in their life outside of school. Everyone practices being respectful listeners as others share and each person feels cared for and heard during their time to share. Learners also have an opportunity to comment or ask questions about others' sharing which deepens the feeling of being heard for the person receiving the feedback. Activities and whole class discussions encourage team building. Morning meeting is a way for us to start our day out with the kind reminder that we are all a part of this class; we’re all welcome here.

Student-Led Book Club

~By Ms. Tracey Koeppen

Second grader, Aviana Peterson, wanted to start a book club for kids. She wrote class invitations, careful to include the names of all 52 second grade students. She chose a book, practiced at home, and came up with some questions to ask peers after reading. Approximately thirty students chose to stay in from recess to attend the first ever Second Grade Recess Book Club meeting, held in the LMC. It was so successful that we plan on holding another one in January. 

Staff Team-Building   

~By Sarah Graves

Team building is something we feel strengthens staff bonding here at Lincoln! Some activities we have done together are a scavenger hunt (below), kickball, and “who’s that baby?” based off of staff baby pictures! We’ve all learned so much about each other’s personal lives and the skills they have outside of the teacher bubble we all know and love. 

STEM Challenge

~By Ms. Mari Ruosch

STEM is a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In the STEM Lab, we always have activities that include collaboration and teamwork.  Third graders put their knowledge of simple machines to the test. They worked together to create a simple machine such as a wheel and axle, pulley, lever, and an inclined plane.

What does this type of collaborative learning environment look and sound like?  Learners have flexible seating/standing options and directly access materials as they determine their need. Learners are active and engaged in their learning, paying little attention to outside observers. Learners are inclusive to partners who are contributing and making discoveries along with them, asking questions of each other and giving feedback to others’ ideas.  Language is curious, such as “I wonder if… “ or “What if we… ?”  Learners feel safe in this environment to take risks, which sounds like “Let’s find out if….” or “Let’s try this!”

Collaborative Choreography with the Parachute

~By Ms. Brenda Wenzel

Cooperation and collaboration were key to the success of a choreographed dance using the parachute in Physical Education. Learners depend on each other for this activity.

February 2019

Lincoln Link

February 2019

 Lincoln Elementary School, Janesville, WI


Shawn Galvin, Principal

Lincoln Elementary is the place Where Greatness Begins!  We know that our learners will have many different paths after high school and we want them to have as many career paths open to them as possible.  They may choose to be a trash collector, chemical engineer, programmer, teacher, or any number of occupations most of which haven’t even been created yet in our ever changing world.

Regardless of their post-high school path or chosen career, we want them to have the skills necessary to be great at their career. That is why at Lincoln we take intentional efforts to provide our learners with skills that employers say are critical to success in a career, though they find lacking in most applicants.  Some of the skills we intentionally help our learners gain are to:

 · Sharpen creativity

· Learn to listen

· Be flexible

· Collaborate

· Plan efficiently

· Manage time

· Think critically, and

· Learn from feedback

 We are excited to be leaders in this work and providing the opportunities to prepare our learners for the future and being great in any career area they chose to pursue.                

 #skills  #success in work, learning & life

 Caption: Nathan, Kole, and Martin improve their computer coding skills.


All learners get what they need, when they need it, and how they need it, without barriers.


 We believe essential skills are the skills needed for success in work, learning, and life.

Real-World “Job” Skills

Alli Arnold, Teacher

Learners in Miss Arnold’s 5th grade class spent a week in the city of “Greatville.”  In order for learners to apply the social and academic skills we have been working on, each child was given a home and a job.  Unfortunately the city of Greatville was experiencing some trouble with storms. The learners had to apply math and reading skills to apply to FEMA for help when their homes were ruined by the hail storm.  They also had to take water samples to the EPA where learners then tested the pH to make sure the water was safe to drink. Throughout the week the city experienced increasing rain causing the city to flood.  With the flooding, oil from the gas station leaked into the river. In order to save their homes and businesses, learners applied their knowledge.

Caption: Alanis, Janessa, and Eva read their house information sheet the first day.  Each day someone from their house also had to take their mouse to the wildlife conservation center where employees analyzed the animals’ impact on the ecosystem.

Caption: Sebastian drove from his home on the southside to his job at the EPA on the northside of the river.  On day three the flooding destroyed the bridge and learners had to use their engineering skills to design a new bridge.

Caption: Draven helped this owl find a safe spot along the river.  Learners working at the EPA discovered that the water on the northside of the river was too acidic for wildlife to survive.

Caption: Alayna, Lesly, and Keegan worked at the news station.  Each shift they had to write, record, and post a news release letting the citizens know what was happening around town.

Coding Skills  

 Jess Hendrickson, Teacher

Students have had the opportunity to explore many new things in the STEM lab this year! This month 2nd graders worked with the LEGO WeDo kits. They were able to work together to follow a design then code what they built to make it move!  

#skills #success in work, learning & life

Caption: Nevaeh and Sofia consider the next step of coding.

Caption: Grayson, Desean and Dawson search for the perfect piece.

Basic Life Skills

Nikki Ries, Teacher

Sara Olsen, Teacher

Our class has been working on life skills by completing chores, increasing independence through task bins and incorporating skills into our daily activities. At the end of each day we have the students choose a chore from a chore chart which includes tasks such as sweeping, wiping tables and vacuuming. The students also can choose from various task bins to work on following a step by step schedule independently. Tasks include activities such as sorting, assembling, counting and reading.

Each week students read a high interest article and complete activities that correspond with the article, including a weekly recipe. Students work on cooking skills such as measuring, pouring and mixing.

#skills  #success in work, learning & life

Caption: Sample of daily chore chart in explicit skills training.

Developing Social Skills

Kate Trace, Teacher

During the community circle in kindergarten, we focus on creating relationships with our peers and discuss strategies how to overcome conflict. To begin the dialog, we greet and welcome each student to the group through a fun task such as the yarn toss or handshake.  Next we complete an activity on problem solving by working together to come to a solution.  This may include roleplaying, short games to learn about kindness, belonging, humor and self esteem/confidence. The students love this learning opportunity and are able to bring the strategies  into their daily activities. 

#skills  #success in work, learning & life

Stephanie Berg, Counselor

As I help establish Community Circle, we work on these goals:

*Build community in the classroom, fulfill need of belonging, feel safe and have fun

*Build trust and empathy creating a positive tone for learning

*Merge social and academic learning

We check in with students before and after the community circles via pre– and post– surveys to assess these feelings.

1. There is one adult in the building that cares about me.

2. The other students in my classroom are respectful to me.

3. I feel like my teacher cares about me.

4. I can ask my teacher for help when needed.

5. I feel safe at school.

6. I feel safe in my classroom.

There are many specific life skills that are being taught in my four-week sessions.

· Getting to know each other like sharing ideas, feelings, learning to listen to each other with active listening skills. (Listening skills also taught in Second Step) Learning to talk to each other and engaging in conversations and things to ask each other.

· Empathy-showing someone that you understand and care about how they are feeling and Respect-showing that you appreciate others including feelings, needs, and ideas-reading facial expressions and body language and to show someone you care by asking them how they are feeling.

· Being assertive-how to speak up in an appropriate way so you aren't always giving into others and you are not always demanding or controlling others.

· Positive self-talk/image-learning to talk about and appreciate our strengths and others strengths.

· Solving problems-how to handle disagreements and arguments, know what the problem is, think of ways to solve the problem and then pick the best one. Sometimes we need to ask for help when trying to solve problems so how do we go about asking for help.

#skills  #success in work, learning & life

Caption: Isabella , Evelyn, and Rylee get guided practice for the skills to communicate, cooperate, and problem-solve.

Caption: Team building task with the hoola hoop.

Caption: Leaners appropriately greet others with visible yarn .

Using Visual Cues

Dana Brown, Speech & Language Pathologist

Please get your winter clothes on.¨ …. 5 minutes later … Student has on coat and hat.  ¨There´s snow on the ground. You also need your boots, snow pants, and mittens.”

¨Get all of the materials you need for reading.¨

Do these scenarios sound familiar to you in the home setting?  Running late to hockey practice and your child forgets their gear?  You continue to remind them to clean their room and empty their lunchbox prior to technology time?  Teachers use visuals to support transitioning, academics, turn-taking, and foster independence across all school environments. A simple google image search or using the camera on your phone for pictures and videos are strategies used to support student independence and reinforce expectations.  These are strategies that can be used outside of the school environment as well.

Ways you can use visual supports in the home:

· Brushing teeth - search video model of brushing teeth in google search bar

· Chore chart - take pictures of the chore expectations/write them on a list. Post where the child can visually see.

· Offer up food choices - cut out labels on boxes of food and tape to a piece of paper as a way for your child to indicate what they would like to eat

#skills  #success in work, learning & life

Calming Skills

Lauren Bush, Social Worker

Frustration and Anger: What They Look Like & What to Do About Them

You probably know what triggers or “warning signs” your child gives you when they are beginning to feel frustrated or angry. It’s probably also true that you know what your child will look like, sound like, and act like when they are feeling those strong emotions. It is important for your child to know what pushes their “anger buttons.” Is it their sibling getting to pick what they watch on TV? Is it when they don’t get their way? Is it hearing the word “no”? It is also important for your child to know the warning signs that their bodies give them when they are beginning to feel this way. Some common “giveaways” of frustration and anger include the following: furrowed eyebrows, heavy sighs, crossed arms, stomping feet, changes in their tone of voice, frowning, arguing, impulsivity, feeling warm, getting shaky or tense, feeling jumpy or “ready to burst” or wanting to yell or cry—the list is endless, no feeling is a one-size fits all!

Here are some strategies that your child can try when their body is giving them the warning signs of frustration or anger: writing in a journal, drawing, leave the situation, talk to an adult, listen to music, read a book, deep breathing, count backwards, blowing bubbles, engage in positive self-talk, run in place, jumping jacks, yoga poses, and progressive muscle relaxation.  

#skills  #success in work, learning & life

Communication Skills

Mari Ruosch,Innovation Specialist

Our Monday Morning announcements are transitioning to student-led announcements. Students are learning how to use their inference skills to communicate to the school what is necessary to announce that week.  They also utilize collaboration skills by learning how to jointly produce a full video production. They are in charge of setting up, taking down, recording, and editing.  Watch video.

#skills   #success in work, learning & life

Cross-Curricular Skills

Margie Mau, Teacher

In our third grade learning community we often learn through Cross-Curricular Instruction.   We take every opportunity to integrate Science and Social Studies into our English Language Arts.  Cross-Curricular Instruction makes learning more meaningful to students. They are able to make real-world connections and dive more deeply into topics that interest them.  

We have recently read Young Thomas Edison and Technology Wins the Game in our Journeys reading book.  In Science we are studying simple machines and in Social Studies our topic is Economics.  The students have read a number of biographies about famous inventors and are choosing an invention to research.

#skills   #success in work, learning & life

Giving the learners the choice of the who and the what they want to learn more about helps to keep them motivated and engaged in learning.  Enjoy this short Reader’s Theater video:  The Assembly Line

After related studies in language arts, social studies and science, learners designed and implemented an assembly line to complete their task.

Skills Promise

Promise of School Success, School District of Janesville

In 2017, the School District adopted the "Janesville Promises" to address key elements impacting student and school success. These Promises utilize 5 components with indicators that move the entire district forward. Our ultimate Promise is that every student will graduate ready for college, career and life.

Every student graduates ready for college, career, and life.

Technology Skills

Elyse Dean, Teacher

First graders in Ms. Dean's class have recently started app smashing!  App smashing is an exciting way to say “using multiple apps and tools to create a finished product.”  App smashing is more than using an iPad to play a game or take a picture. The apps on our devices allow us to access content, modify and enhance it, and share our product with others.  Read on to learn more about how we used multiple apps to create and share nonfiction texts.

First graders read all about the four seasons and what changes each season brings.  They explored how the seasons impact wildlife and even how we experience seasonal changes with our own senses.  Then learners got to work expressing what they had learned using multiple apps on their iPads. Using World Book Online, students searched for photos and more information about each season. Students took screenshots in World Book Online, and added them to their own digital book in the Book Creator app.  In their book, students typed sentences about each season, added labels to their saved photos, and recorded a voiceover of their information. Students then uploaded their nonfiction books to our classroom Seesaw page.

On our Seesaw page, students can watch and reflect on videos that their classmates share.  The students in Ms. Dean’s class worked very hard on their nonfiction texts, and are excited for more opportunities to express their learning!

The ability to use technology in quick, efficient, and innovative ways are skills that most 21st century learners will need to be successful in their futures.

#skills  #success in work, learning & life

Caption: Bryan, Lacy, and Ernest multi-task their tech skills while “app-smashing”

Essential  Skills

We believe essential skills are those skills needed for success in work, learning, and life. They include things such as collaboration, communication, creativity, self-motivation, and critical thinking.

What does that look like among our learners at Lincoln?

· Implementing time management strategies to support focused work

· Learners reflect on learning

· Monitors progress of tasks

· Sets goals and plans for improvement

· Identifies own strengths and limitations

· Learners show self-control/body awareness

· Positively contributes to group work

· Overcomes challenges through perseverance

· Takes risks when trying something new

· Takes ownership of learning and actions

· Supports the ideas of others

· Receptive to feedback from others

· Reassures others when they make mistakes

Proving Mastery of Skills

Alli Arnold, Teacher

A Super Bowl Incentive

Fifth grade learners reviewed standards they had been working on by applying their knowledge to tasks in order to win a trip to the Lincoln Super Bowl!  Throughout the day learners worked on operations with decimals, sequencing, and persuasive writing. Once they completed all challenges they earned a ticket to the Super Bowl.  During the Super Bowl, learners competed on two teams answering questions related to a variety of standards. In the end the Patriots beat the Rams with a score of 31-30.

#skills #success in work, learning & life

Caption: Amber and Isabel write a persuasive letter to Miss Arnold.  In the letter they used their knowledge of persuasive writing and the American Revolution to decide if we should tax their school supplies in the classroom.

Caption: Learners on both teams during the 4th quarter.  With the game tied the learners wrote their responses on a whiteboard and showed the response to the referee.

Caption: The winning Patriots discuss how to write an opinion statement to King George during the third quarter.

Caption: Draven completed the challenges to earn a trip to the Super Bowl!

Caption: Mehki completed all of his challenges and is excited for his trip to the Super Bowl!

Caption: Dylan uses his knowledge of parts of speech to write a Diamante poem while Max creates a timeline sequencing the events of the American Revolution